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explore the secrets of the mystical himalayan Kingdom.

Travel to Bhutan and visit the Kingdom of Bhutan, nestled away and sandwiched between the two Asian giants of China on the north and India in the west, south and east in the far Eastern Himalayas, with a geographical area of just 38,816 km² and 7,50,000 people, which is often regarded and proclaimed as the Last Shangri La on Earth.
Tiny it may seem at first glance and quite unheard of to many worldwide, but it’s a mesmerizing mystical kingdom, thriving with its own unique medieval Buddhist tradition, culture and architecture that has been cultivated and  laboriously preserved for eons altogether. Your trip to Bhutan can indeed be one the most beautiful experiences ever. Bhutan travel can actually add a plethora of wonderful delights to the enthusiastic traveler in you.
Bhutan has been declared as one of the  top ten biodiversity hotspots in the entire world. So the flora and fauna naturally offer a very wide range of varied exotic species on the platter. So visit Bhutan and experience it for yourself firsthand.
Welcome to Bhutan!!!

Bhutan Travel Gate does Cultural Tours, Festival Tours and Treks of all kinds in Bhutan.

Your Trip to Bhutan can also be blended along with a tryst to a lush green Himalayan environment, as the constitution of Bhutan mandates a 70% green vegetation of the total area of the country at all times.


8 Days – Experience of Bhutan

8-Days-Experience-of-BhutanOur travel company has been arranging 8 Day tour which covers the best part of Bhutan and it will be your grand trip covering two urban areas of Bhutan; Paro and Thimphu.

10 Days Historic Bhutan Tour

10 Days Historic Bhutan TourAll through the whole visit, you’ll get a dazzling perspective of Bhutan Himalayan pinnacles which are for all time covered with snow.

12-Days Essential Bhutan Travel Plan

Spiritual-Quest-to-BhutanWith traditions conventions as yet going solid after hundreds of years and social celebrations celebrated from corner to corner, there is no place very like Bhutan!

Flights to Bhutan

Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only  airlines that fly into Bhutan, and Paro City (2280m) has the only International Airport, Druk Air though has a  major market connection and influence.

Flights to Bhutan

See : Druk Air Schedules ; Bhutan Airlines Schedules  for the year 2019


Home stay Tours In Bhutan

Bhutan Travel Gate arranges a host of traditional Bhutanese farmhouse overnite stays  for various visitors, where you can get to see and experience exactly how the local people go about  their daily lives through a system of self-subsistence culture with bare basic amenities. You will have the opportunity to  blend yourself with the real Bhutanese way of living, a very simple Himalayan life. Sitting cross legged on the floor in a traditional kitchen to have dinner can be quite an experience, it’s actually a norm in Bhutan to sit on the floor. It can indeed be an eye-opening experience for someone on #Travel to Bhutan. Seeing awesome exhibits at grandiose museums may be one thing but experiencing the true  Bhutanese essence of culture and tradition at first hand with your bare heart and mind in the true Bhutanese sort of sense can be quite out of the world altogether.

See some farmhouse experiences : Haa Valley Homestay, Phobjikha Valley Homestay

Explore Bhutan by Yourself or with a Group

Your Bhutan Travel can even be more exciting when you get to see the hospitality of the Bhutanese natives, the more than smiling faces which you will actually happen to see, it’s omnipresent, everywhere. Gross National Happiness precedes and indicates the measure of the happiness of Bhutan as a nation state.


Adventure Biking Tours

Adventure-Biking-Tours-in-BhutanAdventure Vacations in Bhutan. Biking and Multi-sport Tours. Adventure Holiday, Family Vacations and Adventure Honeymoons.

3 Days - Samtengang Winter Trek

SAMTENGANG-WINTER-TREKWhile this trek is available throughout the winter the best times to embark on it are between March-April and September and October.

Thimphu Festival Tour

Thimphu-Festival-TourThimphu Festival is held at Tendrel Thang (festival ground) in front of Tashichhodzong at Thimphu for 3 day beginning from 10th day of 8th month of Buddhist lunar calendar.


Here are some travel tips that you will find helpful while traveling in Bhutan. Tourist visiting Bhutan must avail services from the registered local Bhutanese tour operator to grant your Bhutan visa. All the regulations are set by Tourism council of Bhutan.

When is the Best time to Visit Bhutan

Best time to visit Bhutan is Spring and Autumn. Most of the Himalayan peaks will be visible due to clear weather where by average temperature would be at the max 18 degree Celsius. The month of October is the best time for trekking in Bhutan.

How much does it cost to visit Bhutan

During the peak season (March-May and Sep-Nov) Bhutan tour cost starts from USD 225 and during off season ( Dec-Feb and June-Aug) Bhutan tour cost drops to USD 180. These rates are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan. These must be paid in US dollars prior to arrival in Bhutan.

Is a guide necessary while traveling to Bhutan

Yes, Guide is mandate to have through out your trip in Bhutan. You are obligated to have a guide and a driver during your Bhutan tour. This policy ensures that when you come to Bhutan, you will be immersed in a culture that has been carefully preserved.

Bhutan best tour price guaranteed

Bhutan Travel Gate is an active tour company in Bhutan certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan and its one of the leading local tour company in Bhutan. We ensure the quality of service with guaranteed best price of our product with satisfactory service beyond your expectation.

Is it Safe to Travel to Bhutan

You have to get permit or visa before entering Bhutan. Bhutan is one of the safest country or destination to travel in Asia even for solo travelers. Tourist are recommended to consult with Bhutanese local tour operator before planning your trip to Bhutan and its not easy to enter Bhutan directly.

How to Get Bhutan Tour Price Discounts

discount of 50% on daily rates is available for one person in a group of 11 to 15 person. 100% discount shall be given to one member in a group exceeding 16 persons. Full time students below the age of 25 years, holding valid identity cards from their academic institutions, shall be given 25% discount on minimum daily package rate.

A few useful Bhutanese words when you are on Tour to Bhutan

Kuzuzangpo La –  Respected Greetings.
Tashi Delek – May all good things come to you. (please use this as a farewell)
Kardenche La – Thank you.
Dzong/Jong  – Medieval Fortress/Admin HQ.
Goempa – Monastery/Meditation Centre.
Lhakhang – Temple.
Chapsa – Toilet.
Chuu – Water.
Toh – Food/Rice.
Bang Chhang – Bhutanese Rice Wine.

Places You can Visit in Bhutan – Popular Destinations in Bhutan