Travel to Bhutan from USA

Travel to Bhutan from USA

Bhutan is a small, landlocked Buddhist country with a population of approximately 734,553 people. It is sandwiched between two giant Asian countries – China in the North and India to the East, West and South. Since Bhutan had remained in isolation for a very long period of time. Bhutan has managed to retain its own unique cultural, traditions and religious identities.

If you travel to Bhutan from USA, you will need a passport which needs to be valid for at least six months. Tourist must obtain visa clearance which should be approved prior to your arrival in Bhutan. These visas are issued only when your booking is confirmed through a Bhutanese tour operator and the fees for processing your visa will be US $40 which needs to be borne by the guests. All the visas are issued by TCB upon making full payment including the visa fees of US $40. Please note that the Bhutanese Embassies abroad do not issue visa but you can seek help from them if need be.

If you are a US citizen who is intending to travel to Bhutan from USA, it will be convenient if you fly to Bangkok and then board the flight from Bangkok to Paro. From Bangkok to Bhutan, everything including your flights will be taken care by your tour operator. Bhutan is six hours ahead of GMT, 30 minutes ahead of India, an hour ahead of  Thailand, & 2 hours behind Singapore.

In Bhutan, prices of the products are usually quoted in Ngultrum (Nu-the currency of Bhutan). However, US dollars are widely accepted and for those shops that do not accept the payment in dollars, it can easily be exchanged according to the prevailing exchange rate. If you want to know more information about the flights, your tour and trekking programs or the itinerary of your tour, you can get it from your tour operator. However, if you want to cancel your tour bookings, you will be liable to pay certain cancellation charges.

Flight to Bhutan from USA

There is no direct flight to Bhutan from United Kingdom (UK). The best possibility for United Kingdom citizens travelling to Bhutan via air will be from Nepal ( Kathmandu). Tourist can even take flights from other international country’s like Bangkok and Singapore but the Bhutan airline fare will be USD 960 per person.  The Drukair and Bhutan Airlines are only the two airlines operating in Bhutan. The Drukair operates to and from Singapore , Thailand , Bangladesh , India  & Nepal . The Bhutan Airlines operates to and from Thailand , India , Bangladesh & Nepal . The tourist from United Kingdom can fly to one of these places and get the connecting flights to Bhutan.

Bhutan travel from USA

Travel to Bhutan from USA needs visa clearance letter through local tour operator issued by the immigration office before flying to Bhutan. The actual visa is stamped on your passport upon arriving in paro international airport . The cheapest route to travel Bhutan is from Kathmandu .

How to travel to Bhutan from USA

There are only two ways to travel to Bhutan; by air or by road. If you want to travel by air you can fly to Bhutan from Bangladesh (Dhaka), Thailand (Bangkok) and Singapore (Changi), India (Bagdogra, Guwahati, Gaya, Kolkata and New Delhi), Nepal (Kathmandu). Tourist can also travel by road through India to Bhutan. The most convenience way to travel into Bhutan is by air.

Bhutan visa for us citizens.

Bhutan visa for US citizens will cost USD 40 per person. Its a one time fee that any US citizens must pay before your e-visa is applied online.

Bhutan Trip Cost

The minimum daily tariff is US $200 for the regular months (June to August, and December to February) and US $250 during the peak seasons (March to May and September to November) for a person per night for the tourists visiting Bhutan. However, from the tariff set by the government, US $65 will be the royalty fee which is in turn spent on providing free education, medical services, etc. to the public and in a way you are contributing and making a difference in the lives of the Bhutanese people.

While the minimum daily tariff rate is considered to be high, the fees is inclusive of your accommodation, meals, transport services within the country, guides, driver, permit assistance, sightseeing, entry fees and all the internal taxes. If you want anything other than those mentioned in the inclusions, everything that is available can be arranged by the tour operator upon your request but you will need to bear the cost for those.

Best time visit Bhutan from USA.

The best time to visit Bhutan is during the month of March to May ( Spring season ) September to November (Autumn season ). These are the best months for all kind of tours and trekking in Bhutan

Whether you come to visit Bhutan to have a break from your normal chores, spend some leisure time with your family, recuperate, to have adventures or any other reasons and no matter in which month you decide to visit, the team of Bhutan Travel Gate ([email protected]) have always ensured that our guests are treated with respect and the team has always put in great effort to provide the best services.

If you choose us, we will ensure to make your trip to Bhutan as one of the best trips in your life. We will ensure you that your trip will be of a great success filled with fun and we ensure that you will take unlimited memories and stories to share to your friends and family back at home.

Bhutan travel packages from usa:

In Bhutan, the ancient traditions, cultures and beliefs are still passed down from generations to generations and it is still widely practiced and respected by the Bhutanese.

Choose us, be a part of us and make memories with us.

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