Singapore to Bhutan Flight is on every Thursday and Sunday.  Drukair is the only airline that flies to and from Singapore to Bhutan. In a week, there is only two Flight from Singapore to Bhutan.  Singapore to Bhutan flight time takes around 5 hours 30 minutes via Guwahati (India).

How to Travel to Bhutan from Singapore?

If you want to travel to Bhutan from Singapore, the first option is to get a direct flight to Bhutan from Singapore using Druk Air Airlines. In most cases flight tickets to Bhutan from Singapore are always full house and you need to enter Bhutan either via Bangkok or Delhi.

The third option to travel to Bhutan from Singapore would be via Road. If you are looking for cheap tours to Bhutan, then book your flights from Singapore to Kolkata and then to Bhutan.

What is special about Bhutan?

Bhutan is a holy kingdom with deeply spiritual people. There are more than 10000 Stupas or Chortens and more than 2000 monasteries in the kingdom, many built centuries ago in honor of the teachings of Buddhism. Some are national treasures like the Taktsang, Tiger’s Nest built on a sheer craggy cliff face as if grounded on the faith of its people.

Singapore to Bhutan, How to get to Bhutan from Singapore by flight

The monastery and stupa that are built on top of the valley, these holly place are stunning to see; many of them are built in traditional design providing shelter to meditation practitioners amidst deep nature.

Spiritual seekers will find numerous spiritual sites throughout Bhutan. Some are within easy reach or a few hour’s walk, and others require a bit of a trek or climb but it is always satisfying to reach the tops of the numerous monasteries that mark Bhutan’s landscape and to take a moment to contemplate on top of the world.

The Tshechus/festival, local community festivals and the sacred architecture represented by the various stupas and Mani walls, are a constant reminder that in Bhutan, spirituality is still a way of life despite a fast changing world.

Bhutan Travel Made Easy (In 4 Steps)

1. Bhutan Visa Singapore: How can I get Bhutan visa?

Singapore passport holders require a valid Bhutan Visa before travelling to Bhutan  and must book their trip through a Bhutanese tour operator. The visa application requires a scanned copy of your passport with minimum six month validity. Bhutan visa Singapore cost USD $40 per person.


The tour operator makes arrangements for the visa on your behalf.  After approval of e-visa, e-visa clearance letter is sent to you. You will get a copy of your clearance at immigration department, after your entry to the country. To do a trekking you need to obtain restricted area permit from the department of RST, which will be taken care by the tour operator.

2. Singapore Bhutan Flight



Flight No




































Singapore to Bhutan Flight is on every Thursday and Sunday. The flight no KB541 from Singapore (SIN) departs to Paro (PBH) at 6:30 Am & arrives at 10:40 am. Singapore to Bhutan flight takes around 5 hours and 45 minute refueling stopover at Guwahati. Drukair is the only International Airlines that connects Bhutan with Singapore.

Bhutan to Singapore Flight: On every Wednesday and Saturday the flight no KB540 fly from Paro (PBH) to Singapore (SIN) departs from Paro at 7:30 Am and reaches Guwahati (GAU) at 8:20. At 9:00 the Druk Air flies to Singapore from Guwahati (GAU) and reaches at 15:50 pm.

Singapore to Bhutan Flight schedule

Singapore Bhutan Flight schedule & timing

Singapore to Bhutan Flight Cost

Singapore to Bhutan Flight cost in Business class is US $1632 and in Economy class US $985 for round trip.

DestinationsClassUSD (Round Trip)
Singapore (SIN)Paro (PBH)Economy$ 985
 Business$ 1632

So, any Singaporean tourist visiting Bhutan must plan their Bhutan trip for minimum 6 nights and 7 days tour plan. Flight from Singapore to Bhutan is only twice a week making it difficult to plan your trip below 6 nights or more than 7 days. If you are planning for 5 days Bhutan tour plan then alternative flights can be arranged from Bangkok (BKK) or via India (Delhi and Kolkata).

NOTE: From 1st February 2020 to 1st June 2020, there are two flights from Singapore to Bhutan  (every Monday & Friday) and two flights from Bhutan to Singapore (every Wednesday & Saturday). So you may have to synchronize your travel date accordingly.

3. Singapore to Bhutan: How to travel Bhutan from Singapore?

The only option to travel Bhutan from Singapore is via Flight. If any Singaporeans wants to travel Bhutan via road then, nearest airport will be Bagdogra, India. You must book your Bhutan tour from a registered tour operator. They will help you get a visa and permits for the places you wish to visit in Bhutan. After getting the approval from Immigration Department in Bhutan, you can take direct flight from Singapore to Bhutan.  If you like you can even travel to Tibet, Nepal and India first and enter Bhutan from there.


4. Minimum Daily Tour cost for Singaporeans

The minimum daily packages for group travelers of 3 persons and more have to pay US $225 per person daily. These rates are applicable for the months of March, April, May, September, October and November. Tourists visiting in January, February, June, July, August and December have to pay US $200 per person daily. The Minimum Daily cost covers 3 star accommodations, all meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) licensed Bhutanese speaking tour guide, transport with an experienced and certified driver and camping equipment.

Tours to Bhutan from Singapore

The best recommended tours to Bhutan from Singapore would be 7 Days due to shortage of daily flights to Bhutan.  Singapore to Bhutan tour packages can be extended to to 9 Nights 10 Days so you can get round trip flights from Singapore to Bhutan. Booking all yours tours to Bhutan from Singapore will depend upon how many days you would spend in Bhutan.

Sample Singapore to Bhutan Tour packages:

  1. Bhutan Itinerary 7 Days
  2. Bhutan Itinerary 10 Days
  3. Thimphu Tshechu 7 Days
  4. Honeymoon Packages to Bhutan

Top 7 Tips To Know When Planning A Trip to Bhutan from Singapore

  1. Bhutan Currency

Bhutanese currency has same value like Indian Rupee. US dollar is widely accepted. ATM services are available for your use but it offers only sum under $100 to $200. It will be best to obtain Bhutanese Ngultrum from the Paro airport ATM. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted in most shops and hotels in Bhutan. While using your credit card make sure to ask merchant about fee surcharge usually (3-7%).

  1. Climate and weather

Bhutan experiences four varied seasons, they are spring, summer, autumn and winter. The best season to visit Bhutan would be in spring and autumn. It is because during spring and autumn the temperatures are moderate .But in summer it is very hot and winter is severely cold. Nevertheless if you want to save money then visit Bhutan during lean season (January, February, June, July, August and December).Since it is lean season you can save 20% of your daily tariff. Furthermore, you will get the best restaurants, hotels, sightseeing and no sundry waiting at long queue.

  1. Most Popular Tourist attractions in Bhutan

Based on your taste of attraction it will depend on what you want to see in Bhutan. We have interesting and beautiful places and things to offer you. We have stunning and beautiful virgin mountains and valleys. There are fortresses known as Dzongs, built with different architectural designs. In Dzongs, there are lots of ancient arts, artifacts and histories to be shared. Bhutan is enriched with the unique culture and traditions, letting you witness its beauty. Every year there are celebrations of tsechu, a Bhutanese festival. You will get to witness different forms of masquerade dances. We also have rich flora and fauna in different parks in Bhutan.

  1. Adventure (Rafting and Hiking)

Bhutan is slowly moving toward becoming a spot for adventures. Some of the adventures offered to you are Hiking, Trekking, Rafting, Fishing, Biking and Kayaking. Tour operators make all the necessary arrangements for the adventure. They provide a well trained person and guide for the adventures for your safety.

  1. Photography Tour

Bhutan is one best place for you to take beautiful pictures and to upload in social Medias sites. Despite immense opportunity for photography, there are restrictions in several areas and things. Make sure to consult your guide before you take any photograph.

  1. Safety Precautions

Bhutan is a safe place you will find to travel. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep your cash and valuables in your bags. Otherwise, it will be safer if managed by your driver or tour guide. They will make sure your things and money are safe and they are best safety adviser.

  1. Tobacco and Smoking

Bhutan has banned selling and consuming of tobacco in public areas. You can carry a small supply for personal use by paying 200% of duty for imported tobacco products. Make sure before you carry any tobacco products to Bhutan you have valid receipt of purchase to avoid confiscation. You have to refrain from smoking in public areas because it is punishable.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

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Seasons: When to plan your Trip to Bhutan from Singapore:

For a botanist’s spring season is delight as rhododendrons, wild azaleas, and masses of wildflowers including the edelweiss cover the meadows like carpet. Blossoms of Pear and Apple trees add a dainty touch to the alleys as their pink and white blooms add a sense of new wonder to the land that is about to burst with abundant growth again.

Weeping willows sweep the banks of many of the rivers and the pine cones sparkle in the sun, so full with mastic they are ready to fall to the ground.

One of the more crowded times of the year for tourism to Bhutan is autumn. Best time for Singapore to Bhutan travel plan would be autumn. Since it is harvesting season it casts a bright golden glow on the vast landscape. In fact, rice fields ripen to a golden brown under crisp blue skies. The merry pink and white of cosmos flowers spot the countryside.

Winter has its moments. The days are full of sunshine but late evenings can turn chilly. During the winter season, landscape lays bare the splendor of the mountains covered by snow and the far-reaching valleys. Soft tufts of cloud drape lazily over mountain tops as if waiting for new life to blow it across the landscape.

Festivals of tradition

Festivals in Kingdom of Bhutan are unique which are held annually to preserve our ancient Buddhist culture. These festivals are held in all districts in honor of Guru Rinpoche, the saint who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan in the 8th Century.

Festivals are also a big family occasion where all the family member gather together. People dress up in their finest & colorful clothes and most resplendent jewelry of coral and turquoise. All the people who come to witness the Tshechus/festival bring their pack picnic lunches in their traditional bamboo baskets and stay all day at the festivals which are usually held in the dzongs (fortresses) courtyard or at monasteries courtyard.

Behind the scenes, the monks prepare themselves for weeks ahead of the festival, involved in deep prayers and meditation prior to the festival. Special masked dances that are inspirations of enlightened beings in history are perform by monks; and the Bhutanese believe that by seeing these mystical mask dance is crucial to gain enlightenment. All Bhutanese try to attend a festival at least once in their lifetime, and for many, it is an important annual affair where they considerate a blessing to be able to watch the mask dances. Beside the monks, community dancers also contribute in the local festivals.

Tshechus (Festivals in Bhutan)

The Tshechus are a rich form of the oral history tradition where the Bhutanese pass on values, mythology and spiritual beliefs through the dances dramas. Many of the Tshechus culminate with a rare display of a giant silk appliqué thangkha (painting) depicting Guru Padmasambava or some other important Buddhist deity.

People’s deep faith, believe and devotion make these Tshechus/festivals a special occasion. At the same time, it also give an opportunity to join hundreds, and even thousands, of Bhutanese in taking part in an important religious and social occasion that often exudes a celebration atmosphere.

One of the largest festivals is the Thimphu and Paro Tshechu where thousands of people turn up for the four days of dances and prayers. But for visitors who prefer a more intimate experience, there are many Tshechus/Festivals in the smaller districts which are less crowded and where the local atmosphere is more relaxed and enjoyable.


The Kingdom’s independent history explains the nature of its people who are natural, confident, and gentle. The Bhutanese people are frankly and friendly generally then they do accept different cultures.

While on Singapore to Bhutan travel plan, you will meet different people from different regions. People of the western region are known as “Ngalops” descendants of Tibetan immigrants who arrived in Bhutan during 9th Century. In the east, are Scharchops, widely believed to be the original inhabitants of the country. To the South are the Lhotsampa. Largely descendants of immigrants from the Nepal who settled in Bhutan in the 19th Century.

Bhutanese communities, therefore, retain a strong sense of individualism. We have the “Bumthaps” or the people from Bumthang, and the “Mandheps” in Trongsa, the Khengpasin the central region of Zhemgang, the nomadic “Layaps” in the North West, the Brokpas in the eastern villages of Merak and Sakteng. The “Doyas” or “Lhops” in the Southern district of Samtse, and the “Lepchas” in the South.

People in Bhutan, no matter how simple their rural lives are, have welcome smile for every visitors. All the people of Bhutan are polite and they will treat all visitors as their own family members. Bhutanese hospitality is even more evident in the villages where the local people sincerely welcome visitors as honored guests.

The raw and natural beauty of the earth characterizes much of Bhutan’s environment that has made it so stunning and captivating to visitors. From the southern right up to the northern part, Bhutan’s environment is as diverse as its   culture. The land of the thunder dragon is, today, one of the world’s top then global hotspots, boasting a rich and varied biodiversity.

Flora & Fauna

The country ranks amongst the top then percent of of the highest species density (species richness per unit area) in the world, and it has the largest proportion of land under protected areas with about 26.23 percent of the country’s area designated as national parks. More than 35 percent of the country’s area is under the protection of some form of conversation management.

There are more than 5500 species of vascular plants, more than 770 species of fauna and more than 165 species of mammals, many of them endemic to Bhutan.

Bhutan’s national conservation plan has records of 178 species of animals including 24 internationally threaten species. The Takin – national animal of Bhutan, is one of the unique animals that have become a symbol of the nation. In the land of abundant natural life, Bhutan is also home to elephant, tigers and rhinoceros in the south, and snow leopards, bears and red pandas in the north. Singapore to Bhutan tour can also be blended with some photography and birding adventurous experiences.

Bhutan also host the bird-watching paradise to the visitor. The country has 675 species of birds which includes the endangered Black necked crane that fly to Bhutan during winter’s season.

The country’s various flora offers much joy to botanist with more than 7000 plants, 300 species of the medicinal plants, 50 species of rhododendron, 600 species of orchid commonly found up to 2100 m, and some plants that also grows above 3700 m.

Flowers such as edelweiss, primrose, anemone and lady-slippers bloom from late May to July and are major attractions for trekkers.


Q. What’s the Singapore to Bhutan Flight Duration?
A.Singapore to Bhutan flight duration is 5 hours 45 minutes.

Q. Singapore to Bhutan flight cost?
A. In Business class Singapore to Bhutan flight cost US $1632 and in Economy US $985

Q. Singapore to Bhutan flight schedule
A. On every Thursday and Sunday, the flight no KB541 from Singapore (SIN) departs to Paro (PBH) at 6:30 Am & arrives at 10:40 am.

Q. Is there any flight from Singapore to Bhutan?
A. There is two Flights from Singapore to Bhutan every week KB541 and KB540

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