Tshechu is a spiritual event meaning “tenth day” held yearly in every monasteries and fortress all over the country.

The Tshechu is a spiritual occasion celebrated on tenth day of a month of the lunar calendar corresponding to the birthday of Guru Rimpoche (Guru Padmasambhava). But the exact date of the Tshechu depends from place to place and monasteries to monasteries

Tshechus are large festival where every community come up together to observe religious mask dances, get blessing and entertain. In addition to the mask dances, Tshechus also include colorful Bhutanese dances and other forms of entertainment.

It is believed that everyone must see a Tshechu and witness the mask dances at least once to receive blessings and get ride of their sins. Each mask dance carry out unique significance based on stories since back date to 8th century, during the life of Guru Rimpoche . The mask dance are performed by monk in monasteries. The largest festival of the country is Paro Tshechu and the Thimphu Tshechu in terms of high numbers of audience including tourist.


1Punakha DrubchenPunakha Dzong, Punakha12th – 14th Feb
2Punakha TshechuPunakha Dzong, Punakha15th – 17th Feb
3Tharpaling ThongdrolTharpaling Lhakhang, Chumi, Bumthang19th Feb
4GomphukoraGom Kora Lhakhang, Trashigang14th – 16th March
5Talo TshechuTalo Gonpa, Punakha14th – 16th March
6Gasa TshechuGasa Dzong, Gasa14th – 16th March
7Zhemgang TshechuZhemgang Dzong, Zhemgang14th – 17th March
8Paro TshechuRinpung Dzong, Paro17th – 21st March

(Thongdral on last day

9Chhorten KoraChorten Kora,


21st March & 5th April
10Rhododendron FestivalLamperi Botanical Garden,

Dochula, Thimphu

19th – 21st April
11Domkhar TshechuDomkhar, Chumni, Bumthang.14th – 16th April
12Ura YakchoeUra Lhakhang, Bumthang16th – 20th April
13Nimalung TshechuNimalung Dratshang,

Chumni, Bumthang

10th – 11th July
14Kurjey TshechuKurjey Lhakhang,

Choekhor, Bumthang

11th July
15Haa Summer FestivalHaa13th & 14th July
16Mushroom FestivalGenekha, Thimphu.15th & 16th Aug
17Masutaki Mushroom FestivalUra, Bumthang23rd & 24th Aug
18Tour of the Dragon (Bicycle


Bumthang to Thimphu7th Sept
19Thimphu DrubchenTashi Chhodzong, Thimphu4th Oct
20Wangdue TshechuTencholing Army Ground,


5th – 7th Oct
21Tamshing Phala ChhoepaTamshing lhakhang, Bumthang7th – 9th Oct
22Thimphu TshechuTashi Chhodzong, Thimphu8th – 10th Oct