The Definitive Solution for Top country to visit in 2020

As you can see, Bhutan has been ranked as the top country to visit in 2020 by Lonely Planet, tour packages and vacation are excellent to be spent visiting the most beautiful and colorful country in the world, and Bhutan offers a lot of travel styles to fulfill each individual’s needs. Traveling to the last Shangri-La, Bhutan, will provide you with the experience of how she copes up with modernization with environmental conservation yet never compromising the happiness and how the concept of Gross National Happiness is put into practice in daily life.

A vacation is well spent when your soul and heart is filled with memories and bliss, and for that Bhutan is the best option.  The very first step is planning your any vacation isn’t necessarily to pick a destination except to choose scenery. There are numerous religious festivals throughout the year, and festivals in Bhutan usually showcase colorful dances wearing most colorful and unique dress in the world, where Royal Family come to celebrate any festival with the citizens.

Such act from King makes Bhutan a unique and special country. Apart from religious festivals, there are a range of other festivals catering to other interests, such as the Rhododendron Festival, Black Necked Crane Festival, Royal Highlander Festival, Ura Matsusake Mushroom Festival and Haa Summer festival, to name a few.

What You Should Do to Find out about Travel Destination 2020 before You’re Left Behind

The top destination you ought to be visiting in 2020 is Bhutan with Bhutan Travel Gate. Booking early means that you have more options in regards to destinations, the dates you wish to travel and the kind of accommodation that’s appropriate for you. Naturally, there are all those awesome destinations to see in winter, when the celebration of New Year and Christmas Eve coincides with Bhutanese New Year. You can get an experience and feel the bliss that every Bhutanese feels when His Majesty celebrates his birthday with the citizen for three days.

Why Visit Bhutan?


You can have firsthand experience of what daily life is to be Bhutanese by staying in various home-stays with a local family. Bhutan is not an ordinary place. It is the last great Himalayan Kingdom where every citizen is environmentalist by birth as our constitution mandates us to keep 60 % of land under forest cover for all time to come.

We have championed the environment conservation where we are able to keep 71% of land under forest cover and we are the only carbon negative country in the world. And surprisingly our forest absorbs more carbon than it emits, which make air and environment clean and fresh. Anyone who is keen lover of nature and culture, then Bhutan is a must visit place.

Our rice is red and chilies are not just a seasoning but the main ingredient. It is deeply Buddhist land but the King is seen celebrating Hindu festivals with Hindu citizens, which promotes the concept of ‘One Nation One People’. Bhutan have preserved its culture and tradition well, yet you will find Bhutanese well educated, fun loving and well informed about the world around them. It’s this blending of the ancient and modern that makes Bhutan endlessly fascinating.

There are unique textiles and handicrafts, tshechus and mask dances, outrageous archery competitions, high altitude trekking, and magnificent flora and fauna. Bhutan is described as ‘The Last Shangri-La’ by the outside world.

The Importance of Travel Destination 2020

The interesting region of the trip is visiting the magnificent dzongs to observe the entire culture and how the history of the nation is recorded. Your visit to Bhutan will also supply you with the opportunity to see the well-known Taktshang Monastery (the Tiger’s Nest). No visit to Bhutan is complete without a visit to the well known protected areas of the country, where some of the protected areas holds a very special place where globally threatened species of flora and fauna are found. Taking a visit to Bhutan is worth the time.

Bhutan is the unique country in the world. There are no other countries in the world that are close to Bhutan. Your visit to Bhutan will be an entirely authentic experience. It is so refreshing to visit a country where you will not be hassled by annoying vendors outside of the famous sights, or people demanding money to take a photo of them in their traditional dress. Crime against tourist is completely unheard of.

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