Bhutan Tourism Policy

Bhutan Tourism Policy

Bhutan Tourism Policy depends on an idea of “High Value and Low Impact”. Every single other visitor must acquire a visa freedom before traveling to Bhutan. Bhutan Travel Gate can have your Visa prepared for you preceding your takeoff. Your Visa will be provided on entry.

Except for guests from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, every single other guest to Bhutan require a visa.

Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can acquire a visa at the port of passage on delivering a legitimate identification with at least half year legitimacy. Indian nationals may likewise utilize their Voters Identity Card (VIC).

So as to process the e-visa, we require a passport copy no less than 20 days. Remaining legitimacy of identification ought to be no less than a half year from the date of exit from Bhutan.

Your visa will be issued to you alongside your Drukair ticket before your takeoff.

Bhutan Tourism Policy depends on an idea of “High Value and Low Impact”. Established on the guideline of manageability, the travel industry must be naturally agreeable, socially and socially satisfactory, and monetarily reasonable. The Royal Government of Bhutan perceives that travel industry is an overall marvel and an imperative methods for accomplishing financial advancement, especially for a creating nation like Bhutan. It trusts that travel industry, in managing the chance to travel, can advance a more profound comprehension among individuals and to reinforce ties of kinship dependent on a more profound gratefulness and regard for various societies and ways of life.